Bronté Wide brim hat - Jacqueline

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Color: natural /black
  • Jacqueline - natural/black

    Jaqueline is a spectacular straight and wide-brimmed sun hat, with a slightly fedora shaped crown. Designed for a glamorous entrance at the French Riviera! Made of natural super braid straw and trimmed with a ribbon. Provided with one-size fits all system, to adjust the hat size. Gives full sun protection for face, eyes, and neck. Bronté hat style Jacqueline comes with a lost & found label, to personalize your hat with your name and mobile number.

    Do not wear in the rain, as this hat is made of natural straw.
    Also available in black, white, natural.

    • Specifications

    * Material: 100% super braid straw
    * Brim width: approx. 11 cm
    * Hatband: approx. 4 cm




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