Rabens Sania Vista kaftan

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  • Stay outstanding in the vista kaftan made in a striking handmade tie dye.

    The kaftan is based on one of our most popular designs. 

    With an oversized fit working a V-neck, boxy sleeves and a flowy skirt, the kaftan is the perfect stand-out piece for a warm day. Wear it with slippers for a casual park outing or add some edge by styling it with a leather waist belt like on the model (note the belt doesn't come with the kaftan). On colder days or chilly summer evenings, you can easily put a chunky knit on top of it all.

    The light-weighted tie dye kaftan is crafted and dyed by hand in Indonesia.

    To make the vista print, the artisans gather and fold the fabric like slats. Rubber bands are squeezed around the folded fabric and the dying process begins. Using a sponge, the artisans carefully dip colour around the rubber, that seeps into the fabric. The amount of colour the fabric absorbs, depends on the pressure the hand put on the sponge.

    All our dyes are created by hand and heart in our own dye house in Bali. Here we work and collaborate with the most skilled local artisans, who have carried on the expertise of dying techniques for generations. Each product is unique - that is the beauty of things made by hand and heart.




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