Weltershelter not so long tube

€ 375,00 Normale prijs
€ 187,50Verkoopprijs
Color: black
  • A lightweight stylish parka crafted from a subtle poly rayon  duty  2 layer technical shell. The Not So Long Tube  is our shorter parka. Deepest point in the back 95 CM.

    Lined with a soft viscose fabric. 

    - Waterproof

    - Windproof

    - Breathable

    The insulation we use is the patented technique by MEIDA.

    MEIDA is used by the Danish military because they need  the lightest, thinnest and warmest material around. Here are some features why we think it is one of the best insulation materials out there.

    - very thin insulation made of highly densely woven polypropylene fibers

    - environmentally friendly 

    - does not absorb any water ( water = cold)

    - 50 grms/m2 insulates better then 2 woolen sweaters ( we use 150 grms )